Introductions January 6, 2015


Course Overview


We’re really excited to have you for 10 weeks in this introduction to front-end web development.

We’ll be covering the basics of HTML, CSS, as well as getting our hands dirty with some JavaScript using a popular JS library called jQuery.


Classes will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-9:30. Attendance is required and will be taken each time we meet. There is a lot of material to work through, and we will frequently work in pairs or small groups. If you miss class, it will be easy to fall behind, and it will also be a disservice to your classmates.


Homework will invariably be assigned each week. It is our goal in the class that the homework cause as little stress as possible, and that it reflect working through practical examples. Assignments will be posted on Schoology for this course, which is also where it will be submitted for feedback. We will strive to give you meaningful feedback on your assignments within two days.

Homework is required as well, but there is no penalty for turning in incomplete or imperfect work. On the contrary, the homework is a chance to practice and extend what we are working on in class, and will be of most benefit if approached with an uncritical mindset.

Office Hours

Nick will have scheduled office hours on the weekends, which he’ll make available on a Google spreadsheet.

Office hours will generally be held in person on campus, but other arrangements can be made as well.

More information is forthcoming regarding scheduling.

Final Projects

At the end of the course, every student in the class will be presenting a final project. We recommend starting work on the concept for the project early in the class, to give time to develop it as your skills advance. We will be discussing these in more detail in class.

Software and Tools


We’ll be using Schoology for assigning and turning in homework and the final projects.


Slack will be used as a chat room in class and out of class. I encourage all of you to also use it to reach out to each other and share resources, ask questions, commiserate, etc.


We’ll frequently use Codepen in class to share quick examples and work on smaller (one-page) projects.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text will be our text editor of choice for this class. It’s available on both Mac OS and Windows, and is very popular among web developers.


Chrome will be our web browser of choice. For the duration of the class, I suggest that you set it as your default web browser.


Cyberduck is a free (donation-ware) FTP client, which we will use to upload our work to a web-accesible server.